Our geomatics professionals support you in your decision-making by mobilizing modern and flexible technologies. At Groupe Civitas, we are always on the lookout for innovations in this fast-growing field. Whether for data acquisition, processing, or dissemination, our professionals have the expertise to meet all your needs.

Data acquisition

Our team uses advanced techniques such as photogrammetry, airborne surveys, whether done by drone, helicopter, or plane, and lasergrammetry to acquire field data. We use modern devices such as lidar and static scanners to measure with millimetre precision for data processing purposes. We collect all the data present on site so we can then put together a 3D rendering.

3D processing and modelling

Once the acquisition is complete, we highlight the data to model the environment. We have the best geospatial data processing software that allows us to achieve the best precision. With all this information, we can create modelled real estate buildings (BIM) and digital twins.

3D modeling of your project.

Data engineering

Data engineering consists in taking geospatial data and associating it with various information, whether it be descriptive, time-based, or predictive. As such, we are able to build a database, in various forms, to meet specific needs. We are able to produce BIM GEM (management, operation, and maintenance) and BIM-Infra, whether for small buildings, multi-unit buildings, or warehouses.

Data dissemination and decision support

Making data available to different users, both private and public, is the final step in this process. We simplify the use of this database for you. This will allow you to easily search the database, cross-reference different data and produce different reports as needed.

At this stage, the digital twin is useful to create simulations that allow you to understand and predict the brother's behavior in the real world. This data will help our specialists advise you.

Modeled real estate building (BIM).

Professionals who listen to your needs

Using our geomatics services is the first step
towards informed decision-making.

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