Contingency fund

Since January 2020, Act 16 on co-ownership came into force in Quebec. This law and its resulting regulations require you to conduct a contingency fund study and a maintenance logbook issued by professional orders recognized by the Government of Quebec.

At Groupe Civitas, our mission is simple: to ensure the sustainability of your buildings. The reports we are presenting you will allow you to see the investments to be made over the span of a 25-year period. These methods will help you better understand your need for contingency funds.

Our expertise allows you to:

  • maintain the residential building without penalizing future buyers
  • to have a detailed vision over 25 years
  • better prepare for the years to come
  • to have peace of mind
  • comply with legal and regulatory provisions
Condominium building.

Entrust us with the study of
your contingency fund

With the help of our adapted tools, we will be a partner of choice for the maintenance of your buildings.

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