Building engineering

Groupe Civitas helps you achieve your goals while being aware of the importance of building sustainable buildings. Whether we are talking about design, structure, mechanical, or electrical systems, our mission remains the application of innovative and proven techniques and processes. You can therefore trust our team of engineers for all your residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional building projects.

Our services in building engineering

At Groupe Civitas, our multidisciplinary team can express its skills in all areas of building engineering. We implement solutions that meet high-quality standards.

We can accompany you in each of the stages of construction:

  • Pre-project studies
  • Conceptual design
  • Concept and design
  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Tender preparation
  • Site supervision
  • Construction management

We also ensure that the design meets your expectations and goals. In addition, when designing the plans, we take into account the life cycle of buildings and the impact of construction on the environment.

Design, plans, specifications, construction management.

Discover our expertise and services in building engineering

We support all your residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional building construction projects. Our expertise in building engineering allows us to provide you with durable, robust structures that meet your current and future needs.

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