Commercial inspection

At Groupe Civitas, we know that maintaining your real estate infrastructure can be costly. What about when you also have to comply with legal provisions that are constantly changing? Have the ability to extend the life of your buildings by trusting our team of experts.

Our commercial inspection services

Let us give you a detailed picture of the state of your assets. We will inform you of the investments to be made in the short, medium, and long term to ensure the sustainability of your buildings.

The inspection will give you a clear picture of the building's condition. It will give you a good idea of future expenses.

The inspection is carried out in several important steps according to ASTM E208-15 standards.

  • Inventory
  • Document
  • Comparison
  • Inspection report
  • Budget estimate
Building for commercial use.

Let us inspect your commercial building

Our building acquisition or development engineers will inspect all components and systems visible on your building.

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