Certificate of location

A certificate of location is a document en minute, consisting of a report and a plan, stating the land surveyor's opinion on the current situation and state of immovable property in relation to ownership titles, the cadastre and the laws, regulations and by-laws which may affect it.

An up-to-date certificate will allow you to complete your real estate transaction without worry. This document reflects all changes made to the land and property, whether it is adding a fence or expanding the house. No other document can provide all the information found in the certificate of location and it is therefore important that it reflect the current state of the property.

Thus, the certificate of location will contain in particular the description of the land, the encroachments, the easements and rights of way, compliance with the regulations in place as well as the potential constraints such as the type of zoning.

In Quebec, only qualified land surveyors recognized by the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec are authorized to produce a certificate of location, and therefore, professionals at Groupe Civitas are not only qualified to prepare your certificate but also to certify all information contained in the document.

Certificate of location: all the details on a landed property.

Entrust us with the mandate to produce your certificate of location

For a real estate transaction or the realization of a major project on your property, let our team of land surveyors take care of issuing your certificate of location.

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