Urban infrastructure and road engineering

At Groupe Civitas, we can support you in your urban infrastructure development or improvement projects, the construction of new structures and we can offer you our expertise in road engineering.

Our urban infrastructure and road engineering services

Over the past few years, several private and public sector clients have called on our expertise for the rehabilitation and development of road networks and urban infrastructure. We therefore have a wealth of experience that we leverage in each of your projects.

Pre-project studies
Conceptual design
Concept and design
Preparation of plans
and specifications

Our contribution to your urban infrastructure projects

When we intervene on your projects, we have a long-term vision that is in line with sustainable development. Our team of experienced engineers will be able to diligently manage your most ambitious projects.

Contact us now to discuss your construction or rehabilitation projects for your urban infrastructures.

  • Production of drinking water
  • Water system
  • Clean water
  • Sanitary and storm sewer systems
  • Urban technical network (RTQ)
  • Road network
  • Parks and sports facilities
Urban infrastructure project.

Call on our engineers

We will be able to advise you and answer all your questions, whatever your urban infrastructure or road engineering project.

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