Parking inspection

Do you have an underground or above-ground parking lot that has at least one running surface that is not on the ground? Multi-level parking garage maintenance Law 122 applies to your situation. You must therefore fulfill several obligations, including having the parking lot inspected by an engineer every 5 years.

At Groupe Civitas, our inspectors and engineers can carry out a thorough inspection of your multi-level parking lot to determine if the structure presents dangerous conditions. We check the condition of slabs, beams, expansion joints, drainage systems, sealing of joints, and any other parking elements that could have an impact on the quality of the structure.

The steps of a parking inspection

  • Interview with parking owner/manager
  • Document review - construction plans, Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) records
  • Visual inspection, auscultation, and photo taking
  • Qualification of observations on plans
  • Issue parking verification report and recommendations
Parking subject to Law 122, underground multi-level parking.

Call on Groupe Civitas to inspect your parking lots

Groupe Civitas is at your disposal to carry out the desired inspection and at the same time ensure the safety of all persons circulating inside the parking lot.

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