Law 122 – Parkings garage inspection

“In Québec, more than anywhere else, multistorey parking garages are regularly subjected to the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle, de-icing salt and abrasives. That is why all regulated infrastructures with underground or aboveground parking where at least one driveable surface is not laid directly on the ground must be verified and maintained periodically » [1]

In Quebec since March 2013, building owners, managers and condominium union with this type of parking lot are bound to by several obligations, including the requirements to have a thorough check of their parking lots signed by an engineer every 5 year.

Groupe Civitas performs these in-depth checks of those parking garage structure, signed by a member of the I.O.Q, which includes the following services:

  • Interview with the owner or manager of the building;
  • Review of documents – construction plans, RBQ registry, etc.;
  • Visual inspection, on-site and photo survey;
  • Location and qualification of observation on plan;
  • In-depth status check report

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Groupe Civitas Land Surveyor