Building condition assessments

Commercials, institutional and industrials

Building condition assessments is part of the diligence process carried out in almost all the commercials transactions. Groupe Civitas understand the inherent risks in the process and you will be able to identify, in all trust, the conditions and the risks related to this transaction.

In the actual budgetary context, building condition assessments is the first step of a healthy management of your heritage, it allows to point the expenses for reparations and maintenance to maintain or surpass the useful longevity of the buildings components.

Multi-residential – Condominium Union

In the multi-residential sector, building condition assessments is the first step in order to build a proper fund-raising pension plans and maintenance books.

Whether you’re a self-managed (76%) with an external management company (15%) or that you own a full-time contact person (9%), the building condition assessments will guide you in the expenses to come.

Be assured that our team of engineers, technologists and technicians offers services and cost-effective solutions.

Our diligent verification is based on the norm « ASTM E2018-15, Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process ».

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