Engineering services

Urban infrastructure and road engineering.

Urban infrastructure and road engineering

It is important that the road system and urban infrastructures be adapted to the needs of the community. That is why we put our know-how at the disposal of municipalities and cities, as well as the private sector, for the construction or rehabilitation of their infrastructure networks, all the while having a long-term vision in mind.

Transportation and traffic.

Transportation and traffic

The constant increase in the urban population puts a significant strain on mobility and transport. Groupe Civitas offers its services to improve traffic flow through in-depth studies. Our engineers will offer you innovative solutions that take into account safety, mobility, as well as users.

Land-use planning: roads, parks, cycle paths...

Land-use planning

At Groupe Civitas, we make sure to put your needs at the heart of the proposed solutions. Our professionals will be able to develop design solutions that will exceed your expectations while also keeping in mind a sustainable development objective and a harmonious integration of the environment.

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