Building science

Building engineering.

Building engineering

At Groupe Civitas, we know that it is important that the buildings we live in are built according to high-quality standards and are functional and sustainable. Our engineers and our entire team of professionals work together to develop projects that meet this vision.

Commercial building inspection.

Commercial inspection

The professionals at Groupe Civitas know very well that maintaining and replacing your infrastructure can be very costly. In order to have the right information with regards to the new legislative provisions, your property's condition and the costs to plan for to cover future expenses needed to preserve your infrastructure's quality, contact our team and we will help you regain your peace of mind.

Contingency fund for co-ownership.

Contingency fund study

Groupe Civitas offers comprehensive services to develop and prepare your co-ownership's property contingency fund study. The reports submitted by our professionals will allow you to forecast and budget the amounts needed to meet your building's maintenance and renovation needs.

Inspection of facades of 5 floors or more.

Facade inspection

Does your building have a façade of 5 floors or more above ground? It is then your responsibility to comply with Law 122 and have the facades inspected every 5 years. The professionals at Groupe Civitas have the knowledge and expertise to perform an inspection according to the standards in place.

Inspection of underground or aerial parking.

Multi-level parking lot inspections

Do you own an underground or above-ground parking? You are responsible to have it inspected by professionals every 5 years to ensure its user's safety. At Groupe Civitas, we can carry out a thorough inspection of the structure to determine the necessary maintenance and repairs to be carried out.

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