Group Civitas

Our company has been leading in the field of land surveying for over 60 years and for over 30 years in engineering. Throughout the years, we have built up the knowledge, tools, networks and experience as well as the best possible working techniques adapted to the different concrete situations experienced by our customers.

Our clients are the main reason why our company thrives. We strive to establish an element of trust by always putting our client’s needs at the heart of our priorities. It is thanks to you that the Group Civitas has been able to build up an enviable reputation in the industry and why we continue to innovate and stand out from the competition. Our personalized services are proven to be efficient. Our qualified team member’s expertise ensures that your projects will always be carried out in accordance with the highest quality standards.

We have multiple accomplishments that are a direct result of our skills and know-how. We work day after day in order to remain the benchmark for excellence in the field of surveying in Quebec and to increase our presence in the landscape of the engineering of the province.

Seek The Professionals!

Put your trust on the land surveyors and the engineers of Group Civitas and let us assist you with your projects.