Urban Infrastructures and Road Engineering

The quality of life in our communities is largely related on the state of our municipal infrastructure and road network. They have a significant impact on the smooth running of human activities and at Groupe Civitas inc., we want to play a leading role in the rehabilitation of aging infrastructure and the construction of new ones. An efficient and well-functioning road network is essential to the smooth running of a society’s economic and social activities. It is in a way the blood system of the social body. Our vision is therefore part of a long-term process in which we demonstrate a certain concern for sustainable development. To do this, we have a team of experienced professionals able to manage your most ambitious projects with diligence.

In the area of urban infrastructure and road engineering, we have demonstrated through our previous achievements that we have solid expertise in this area. In fact, several private and public sector clients have used our urban infrastructure services to rehabilitate deteriorated facilities and build new ones. Clearly, our goal is to actively participate in improving the efficiency and user-friendliness of public spaces. To do this, our know-how in the repair and construction of urban infrastructure has been expressed in a wide variety of projects.

Our services

  1. Draft-design studies
  2. Conceptual studies
  3. Conception and design
  4. Preparation of plans and specifications
  5. Preparation of tender documents
  6. Work supervision
  7. Construction management
Groupe Civitas Land Surveyor