Transport and traffic

As the urban population continues to grow, issues related to transportation and traffic are more relevant than ever. We are all concerned by these because they are an integral part of our daily lives. Whether for work, school, transportation of goods or the practice of our daily activities, the safety and efficiency of our work are very important. It is in this perspective that the professionals of Groupe Civitas inc. have developed a solid expertise in the maintenance and management of transport, traffic and road lighting. We take into account the issues related to the safety and the fluidity of the road networks to contribute to the improvement of these. The constant increase in road traffic remains a problem that we want to tackle by offering you innovative and relevant solutions.

Our company offers services aimed at improving the flow of traffic by developing traffic studies and developing leading-edge solutions. These studies make it possible to analyze a road network that includes sections of existing or future roads. This initial step of accurately assessing traffic flows using advanced techniques is essential during the process of improving road traffic. Our expertise in this area has been used in many projects and our professionals are motivated by the constant desire to soften your inevitable trips.


  • Road lighting
  • Traffic lights
  • Traffic studies

Our services

  1. Transport plans
  2. Traffic maintenance plans
  3. Management of traffic impacts
  4. Traffic studies
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