Landscaping and landscape architecture

Whether in rural or urban areas, the quality of our environment directly affects the pleasure of living and doing our daily activities. For Groupe Civitas, the harmonious design of public spaces remains a determining factor in the quality of life of people in our communities. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to bring together a diversity of talents to carry out landscaping and landscape architecture projects adapted to the specific needs of communities.

Our innovative concepts are part of a concern for sustainable development and respect for the environment. For this purpose, our achievements in landscaping and landscape architecture fit perfectly into a variety of environments.

Whether it’s planning a bicycle path, pedestrian walkway or a park, our teams know how to combine aesthetic considerations with the functional aspects of these projects.

Contributing to enhancing the quality of life in our communities remains the Groupe Civitas’ primary mission.

Our services

  1. Draft-design studies
  2. Conceptual studies
  3. Conception and design
  4. Preparation of plans and specifications
  5. Preparation of tender documents
  6. Work supervision
  7. Construction management
Groupe Civitas Land Surveyor