Building engineering

The quality of buildings where we live, work and play has a direct impact on our quality of life. At Groupe Civitas Inc., we are fully aware of the importance of building sustainable, functional and user-friendly buildings.

With this in mind, our multidisciplinary team is empowered to express its skills in all areas of building engineering. Whether we are talking about structural design, mechanical or electrical systems, our goal remains the implementation of innovative and proven techniques and processes.

This versatility allows us to master all areas of building engineering to support you in all stages of your projects. From the design to the delivery of these, our one-stop service is able to meet all your needs.

Our integrated service solutions address the private, commercial and public sectors. Whatever the vocation of your building, we have the expertise adapted to it. For all types of building, maintaining our high quality standards remains our priority. By focusing on the durability, solidity, design and user-friendliness of your facilities, our goal of satisfying you is unquestionably achieved.

Our services

  1. Draft-design studies
  2. Conceptual studies
  3. Conception and design
  4. Preparation of plans and specifications
  5. Preparation of tender documents
  6. Work supervision
  7. Construction management
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