Preventive maintenance

Your property is very often the most valuable asset in your life. Because of its privileged status, it deserves to receive adequate treatment that will ensure its durability and value. In your legitimate desire to preserve the integrity of your property, our inspection team can help you answer your questions:

What is the general state of my property? Which interventions should be favored, in what order? Our preventive maintenance service will allow you to assess the general condition of your property, allowing you to prioritize your interventions and plan the necessary financial resources. Do not be caught off guard!

Frequent problems

  • Foundations
    • Problem of drainage (infiltration of water through the foundations)
    • Cracking
    • Pyrite/Radon
  • Structure
    • Loadbearing wall
    • Excessive vibration
    • Sagging beams
    • Deformed floor
    • Cracks in the walls
    • Dry rot (building cancer)
    • Protection against freezing
  • Building envelope (ventilation insulation)
    • Infiltration by roof, opening (windows) or other
    • Problem of excessive condensation
    • Mold problem / air quality
    • Roof ice dam
  • Building mechanics
    • Plumbing leak, low pressure problem
    • Low capacity (Air exchanger, kitchen hood, air extractor)
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