Law 122 – facade Inspection

In Quebec, since March 2013, the building owners of over 5 storeys have the obligation to submit to the Quebec Building Authorities (RBQ) each 5 year, a verification report signed by an engineer or an architect indicating that the building’s facades do not represent any dangerous conditions.

Facades  [1]

«It is obligatory to check and maintain the facades of 5 or more storeys above ground under the Building Chapter of the Safety Code. These facades must be maintained in such a way as to be free of any defects that could jeopardize safety or contribute to development of hazardous conditions. »

Groupe Civitas conducts façade inspection with the objective of the law, which include:

  • Interview with the owner or the manager of the building;
  • Reviews of documents – construction plans, RBQ registers, etc.
  • On-site inspection and photos survey;
  • Location on plan and qualification of observations;
  • Verification report

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Groupe Civitas Land Surveyor